Weights Room Etiquette: Don’t be ‘That’ Guy!

Sep 24, 2009 | fitness

Here is a hysterical clip of what not to do in the weights room. The obnoxious spotter is my personal favorite!

Don’t be ‘that’ guy!

  1. The Show off
  2. The Grunter
  3. The Sight seer
  4. The Machine Lurker
  5. The Mirror Flexor
  6. The Obnoxious Spotter
  7. The No-Towel Guy

My Personal additions:

  • The Stinky Guy
  • The I’m-too-good-to-put-my-weights-away Guy
  • The Shorter than short shorts Guy (doing stiff legged dead lifts)

Have you got any funny gym stories to tell? I used to work at a gym that had ‘shirts off Fridays.’ It was usually only the boys who partook!



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