Spring-edition: Crack of Arse x Lorna Jane

Sep 2, 2012 | fitness

The sun is shining, the sky is bluer and there is warmth in the air – yes, it’s springtime in Australia, and there’s no one happier about it than morning exercisers.

And to give our early-morning trainees even more motivation, I conduct a monthly ‘Crack of Arse’ challenge for all my Twitter followers. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then read all about Crack of Arse here.

For the past few months, we’ve had fitness enthusiasts from all over Australia wake up before the sun and squeeze in a training session, starting between 5-7 a.m. for the first week of every month. Some did it to surpass their personal best results, while others did it for our incredible giveaway hampers. Trust me, we’ve had some great prizes!

So to only make things more interesting and celebrate the warm weather, we’re launching the spring edition of ‘Crack of Arse’ with a very, very exciting giveaway.

I have $150 Lorna Jane vouchers for two of my September’s ‘Crack of Arse’ winners.

But this time, the COA challenge has hiked up a notch. You’ll need to do more than just wake up and walk to the gym for a pump class, in order to win one of these $150 LJ vouchers.

Why, you ask? Because it’s spring, and it gets really bright at 6 a.m., so you have all the reasons to head outdoors for training. Also, I want to push you all a bit harder, so you can bare those legs and arms. C’mon now, beach’s calling!

What’s the challenge for September’s Crack of Arse?

Lorna Jane has launched a really fancy new iPhone/iPad app that helps you track your runs, walks and cycling session via your phone’s GPS. You just need to click the ‘start’ button and it’ll record your distance travelled, pace, speed and calories burned. Clever, right?

How will this app work in conjunction with my Crack of Arse challenge for September?

Step 1: Download the app on your iPhones or iPads from here.
Don’t have one of these smart devices? Beg, borrow or steal! Only kidding.

See if your boyfriend, boss, neighbour, sibling or housemate has one. You only need it for a couple of hours for each day of the challenge, surely there’s someone who can lend you’re their iPhone/iPad. Feel free to bribe them!

Step 2: Every time you go out for a walk/run/cycling during this challenge, use the app to track your progress.

Step 3: At the end of your workout, go to its ‘Active History’ page and take a screenshot of your results for that morning. Tweet that picture at me – @ameliaburton.


Step 4: Do this for all five days of Crack of Arse, and you’ll be in the running to win one of the $150 voucher for all Lorna Jane shopping outlets or online store.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Crack of Arse is only for Twitter users, and you must follow me, in order to stay in the running for the prize.
  2. You must begin your exercise between 5-7am, but don’t stress, you don’t have to finish it by 7 a.m.
  3. The screenshot for each day, each workout must be a new one. You can’t resend the same screenshot for all five days.
  4. Crack of Arse is limited to Australian-residents only.
  5. Remember that this is an added bonus to the regular ‘Crack Of Arse’ challenge. You can still tweet me photos of your workouts, because that will still stay in the running (and that’s still amazing!). However this LJ app photo will be an added bonus for you!

Do this for yourself, your wife, your girlfriend or your mother – start spring on an active and sweaty note and make this season your best one yet!

As Lorna would say, now move it!

Any questions – tweet me at @ameliaburton


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