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Aug 28, 2012 | fitness

Recently I was asked to review a new E-book on the market ‘Single Digit Body Fat’ by R.E. Mortimer. It was written as a guide on how to achieve that elusive single digit body fat (10-13% for women) in a natural way, and it did not disappoint. It’s not often that I get the chance to really soak up a well written book, so please enjoy my unbiased review.

What’s it about?
More than just a book about losing body fat, Single Digit Body fat is a hybrid of really well translated scientific facts, and practical nutrition, exercise and motivation advice. The book focusses on what you need to do to lose body fat and gain lean muscle rather than simply weight loss. It encourages doing this in a healthy and sustainable manner.
The body is broken up into three main sections; nutrition, exercise, and motivation. Within each topic, the correct methods are explained along with scientific back up, and practical examples. Common mistakes or trends (such as the low carb diet) are also explored, arming readers with knowledge to combat the myriad of mixed messages in our media.

Who should read it?
Although the title suggests that this may be a book aimed at men, Single Digit Body Fat, is most definitely suited to women as well (Mortimer explains early on that the female body fat equivalent should sit around 10-13% at the lowest). In fact this book is suited to anyone wanting to lose body fat, gain lean muscle mass, and do it in a healthy, natural way.
Due to the level of scientific detail given in the book, it would suit an intermediate to advanced exerciser, more than a true beginner. Exercise enthusiasts, personal trainers, coaches and athletes would all get something out of this book.

What sets this book apart from others?
Scientific research translated into practical advice: Mortimer has a unique ability to be able to explain difficult concepts in practical everyday terms. Later in the book he does a fantastic job of explaining the dangers of a low carb diet, as well as how alcohol can affect our metabolism and fat burning effect.

The writing tone is perfectly suited to the content and audience: Mortimer’s writing style is relaxed, and you can almost hear him speaking the words as you read them. This is a rare find as usually the writer is taking a purely academic (very dry) or completely practical (not proven) approach. This book, however is a perfect mix. In the beginning of the book, he explains some basic nutrition chemistry without going too far, and losing the reader’s attention. The constant practical examples and tips (such as the Saw-Tooth training cycle, which I loved) keeps the content relevant, and the recap at the end of every chapter is a helpful reminder of the key take-home points.

The book covers the three pillars needed for success: I love that the book not only covers nutrition and exercise but also motivation. Extra time is spent on nutrition as this is such a key element to body fat reduction. The book finishes with a chapter on motivation and the power of our thoughts. He explores the destructive effects of a negative headspace and how to combat it. Not to mention Mortimer includes one of my favourite Bruce Lee quotes: ‘Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willingness is not enough, we must do!’

Constructive criticism
The title: I have to be honest, I’m not a fan of the title Single Digit Body Fat. As a woman, I do not aspire to have a single digit body fat percentage, and even though Mortimer explains early on that women should reach no less than 10-13%, it may put women off reading the book. Secondly I think the book is so much more than simply how you can strip body fat. It’s a healthy eating and exercise bible. I feel the title does not give credit to the vast content in the book.

It’s not a step by step guide: If you’re looking for a periodised eating and exercise plan, you won’t find it. The book is packed with loads of information, enough so that you can go and create your own plan. However some may want the work done for them. They may want to be told what to eat and when. Have their training plan written with sets, reps and weights. In other words it may not be specific enough in its advice and application.

Diagrams and photos: Some of the diagrams and photos don’t do the awesome content justice. For example, the exercise descriptions are very detailed and specific but the photo quality and subject form does not match. In some cases the exercises did not have photos at all. This runs the risk of brining the overall perception of credibility down. I would recommend investing in some professional ‘start position’ and ‘execution position’ photos of all exercises.

Final Word
I would highly recommend reading Single Digit Body Fat if you are a man or a woman who trains regularly, is interested in understanding the science behind correct eating and exercise, and who would like an overall strategy focussing on health at the same time as body shape. It’s easy to read, packed with ‘a-ha!’ moments and certainly motivates you to eat well and ramp up your training.

All readers will get $10 discount (i.e. 33% off) when you purchase the book by clicking here; the discount code you can use is “AMELIA”. When you make the purchase, you will also get two free bonus e-books: “The Ultimate Macronutrient Guide” (which sells for $14.95 in its own right and covers over 1000 foods) and “Don’t Try This At Home – Paths to Avoid on Your Fat-Loss Journey”.

For more information, go to Single Body Fat’s Twitter page here and their Facebook page here.


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