Product Review: SlenderTone System-Abs

Oct 9, 2012 | fitness

Every woman wants Jennifer Aniston abs, right? Well, this new product called SLENDERTONE System-Abs is taking the leap and is promising to give women toned, sculpted and tight mid-section area, one they all dream of.

So what’s this magic device? Let me explain…

How it works
SLENDERTONE abs is a firming and tightening belt that uses the only clinically proven EMS technology, exercising all of the muscles of the abdomen not just those under the belt. A signal is sent to the nerves, which are connected to all your abdomen muscles: Transverse abdominals, obliques, upper and lower abs. The belt claims a firmer, flatter stomach in four weeks.

An independent clinical trial conducted by Slendertone System-Abs shows that 100 per cent of users reported firmer and tones abs. There was also an average 3.5cm reduction seen in the waistline and 72 per cent of participants showed signs of increased abdominal strength.

Now these numbers are pretty impressive, so to test it out myself, I gave SlenderTone abs a test. This is what I thought of it:


  • Convenience: The best part about this belt is that you can wear it while doing household chores, watching TV, playing with your baby or working from home. It’s very convenient and comfortable to walk around in.
  • Change the settings: Slendertone abs lets you change the setting of the belt as per your requirement. You can adjust the vibration rate according to how firm or light you want.
  • Tingly feeling: The tingly feeling during a 30-minute Slendertone session is actually pretty great. It almost feels like you’re wearing a corset, and after a session is complete, there’s a sensation of constriction around the waist.


  • Not a workout: You can’t substitute the belt for a workout. It doesn’t train your abs to work in a functional manner, to stabilize your spine while you bend and twist. You can’t substitute this for a full workout.
  • Transverse abdominal muscles: The belt claims to work the transverse abdominal muscles and the obliques, but you can’t tell what it’s actually working on. Yes, there’s a feeling of constriction, but that’s about it.
  • The bigger picture: The product claims that a 20 minute session of high-power Slendertone is equal to 120 crunches. But you’ve got to remember that crunches aren’t enough to effectively train the abdominal area. There are many functional activities such as planks, push-ups, mountain climbers, and squats That would be far more effective.

The Final Word:
I think Slendertone would work really well for new Mums, especially those recovering from a C-section. I think it would help awaken the abdominals and get them prepared for a more comprehensive and functional ab routine. I also think the product would work well for those who are injured and the elderly. But if you are an everyday person, looking for an effective way to train your abdominals, there are no shortcuts, you need to work your abs the way they are intended to be used.

The Details

  • The belt fits waist sizes 24-44 inches / 61-112 cm.
  • The power supply is rechargeable, so you can save money on batteries.
  • The belt retails for $299 (with the controller) and $119 (for the belt only).
  • Visit for more information


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