Gym ettiquette: What Not To Do In a Fitness Class

Jul 11, 2014 | fitness

Group fitness classes are a great way to stay motivated, collaborate with others, get more energy and have a disciplined workout routine. However, there’s always that one person in a group setting who doesn’t come with the right mind or the right attitude and becomes the talking point for the entire hour.

You know who I’m talking about… yes, that man and that woman!

To help you from never getting to that stage, here’s a gentle reminder of seven things you shouldn’t do in a fitness class:

  1. Wear the Wrong Outfit
    Those super cute shorts won’t really look the cutest while you’re doing a downward dog. Take your new workout gear a test in the gym (at off-peak hours or in solitude) before showing it off to the entire class. Especially if you like things to be ultra-short and too low-cut.
  2. Use the Mirror a Little Too Many Times
    The mirrors in your class are to correct your posture and to stay in sync with the rest of the class; it’s not for you to fix your hair or take selfies. Please don’t use the mirror for vanity purposes; it’s the gym, not your private bathroom mirror.
  3. Put On The Blush
    Smearing tinted moisturiser and a red lipstick to the gym sounds like a joke, but you won’t believe the number of people who do it. There are more women who turn up to a workout class with a full face of make-up than those who are really into holding the plank for a minute. Stop worrying about how you’ll look after class, because you’re in it to look good for life!
  4. Create A Stench
    You might reapply some deodorant before class, but re-wearing the same clothes for days at a stretch is just nasty! Bacteria loves to thrive on damp fabric, creating a nasty stink and making the clothes smell, especially in the armpit, crotch and lower back area. Stop repeating the same outfits more than once and keep the hygiene levels to a maximum, for the sake of your immunity.
  5. Talk Too Much
    Hold on to that gossip for the few minutes before and after class. It’s not just rude, but it could actually mess with your workout as it would interrupt with your breathing pattern and disturb the instructor teaching you.
  6. Become the Unofficial Trainer’s Assistant
    The trainer can’t be on everyone’s head all at once when you’re doing the squat track at Pump, but that doesn’t mean you start interrupting and correcting other’s postures and way of exercising. Unless you’ve been professionally hired by the trainer, mind your own business at a fitness class and refrain from commenting on what your neighbour is doing right or doing wrong.
  7. Do Your Own Thing
    Don’t be that person who starts doing their own thing when everyone else in the class has been asked to do bicep curls. Nobody wants to be next to the person who doesn’t follow the routine given to the class and distract others with their own moves. If a move is no good for your body, your instructor will probably step in to provide an appropriate modification.




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