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Feb 23, 2014 | fitness

Out with the old and in with the new, is what they say. We’re two months into the new year, and we’re all somewhat staying on top of those fitness goals set for the year. Apart from the usual running, circuit training sessions and Les Mills classes, there are some other trends creating a buzz in the fitness industry in 2014 – and trust me, there are some goodies!

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) did a survey on 3800 fitness professionals to get their view on what’s hot in the fitness industry for 2014. And this is what they came up with…

It’s a no brainer this one, but H.I.I.T Training was at the top of the list, boasting short intense workouts. This type of training is beneficial for increasing aerobic capacity and endurance, especially if you’re the kind who want maximum benefits in a short span of time. Surprisingly, Crossfit, a more-commonly known form of HIIT training is no longer to be found in ACSM’s list for 2014.

The industry’s favourite bodyweight training – squats, burpees, push-ups and plank – took the #2 slot in the list. The positives of this kind of training is that it demands zero equipments, they’re very effective and you have the liberty to set your own tempo, as per your strength. I love challenging myself with the number of reps and sets I do too, making it much more effective. A surprising, but expected entry into the ‘Fitness trends for 2014’ list by ACSM was being trained under a Fitness Professional or Personal Trainer. The glitch in this is the cost, but a PT will always challenge you, ensure you get out of bed and, and most importantly, teach you the right technique, so that you get the most out of your workout.

Another favourite in the top 10 was yoga. BUT check out the new ‘version’ that they’re talk about. What’s better than a normal downward dog? An aerial downward dog, that’s right! In 2014, aerial yoga is on the rise; think yoga moves in an anti-gravity hammock, suspended from the ceiling. Loving this trend, as it’s a workout that strengthens, lengthens and gives you all the benefits of traditional yoga without putting any pressure on the neck or back, if that’s your concern. Ever want to be in the circus or pretend like you’re at a Pink! concert? This is your moment.

OK, if not the circus, did you ever dream of being a ballet dancer? Never too late to don a tutu (lycra is still perfectly acceptable) with the new buzz in the Australian market with Barre Body workout. I’m a big fan of this one, especially on the days I want to concentrate on strength training. Barre body is a combination of yoga, pilates and ballet barre conditioning, as it promises to improve flexibility, strengthen and work your core like you’ve never worked it before. Sore you will be, alright! If you’re in Sydney, check out Barre Body in Melbourne and Sydney, also Xtend Barre conducts classes all over Australia too.

A little disappointing news for the dance lovers, Zumba slipped off the top 20 list, this year. But an interesting alternative that’s come out is FitSteps – popular in the UK, it uses dance moves from the likes of chacha, waltz and foxtrot, but with the added bonus of not needing a partner! Check it out here.

Still don’t have you covered in the trendy, new or quirky? Check this one out, you could do some tower running, up some of the world’s tallest buildings. And you thought the stairs up to your office were tough! 902 steps, only.

Oh and finally, let’s not forget our furry friends… heard of doga or ruff yoga anyone? I’ll let you Google that one!




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