9 Tips To Stay Healthy During The Summer Holidays

Aug 25, 2022 | fitness, Weight Loss

For whatever reason, this time of year is when some of us lose perspective on ‘moderation,’ our routines fall out the window and instead of starting the year feeling fab, we start the year feeling flab.

This year I want you to keep perspective of moderation and avoid those extra kilo’s piling on. Use these tips to maintain physical, and mental health that will see you stay healthy during the Summer holidays festive season and cheer!

Drop the ‘no time’ Excuses!
I can guarantee that someone busier than you will find time to squeeze in that 30min workout or run and still be able to relax and spend time with their family. Exercise first up in the morning and there will be no chance of something ‘coming up’. You don’t need to sleep in every day!

Go Hard!
Research has shown through a number of studies that short, intense bouts of exercise (H.I.I.T) followed by periods of recovery provide ‘similar fitness benefits as continuous endurance workouts’. So if you are still hanging on to that excuse above, take note right here. The other great news about this is that even a short, 15 minute hard workout can get you decent results.

Earn your Calories!

No one is going to tell you not to indulge a little but if you want to earn your calories you need to expend the energy. The good ol’ calories in vs. calories out are what we’re talking about. You want to treat yourself, you need to earn it, otherwise it may end up on your hips. If you’ve had a food blowout, plan a big calorie burn workout. Maybe it’s a three hour hike, maybe it’s a hardcore class, or just a good solid run.

Skip the Gym and Workout at Home
Let’s face it – parking anywhere at this time is a nightmare and making that extra commitment to get to the gym for a particular class may just be pushing your luck. Why not do a workout at home? Check out my Full Body Workout here, or simply go for a run or powerwalk.

Book in a Fun Run or Event in early January
If you lock yourself into an event in the New Year, you are more likely to stay committed to being active over the festive season and keeping a closer eye on just how many mince pies you consume. Look around your local area – there are loads of community park runs!

Ditch the Smartphone
There are only so many Facebook posts and Instagram’s you need to see that is wishing you a Merry Christmas. Traditionally this is a quiet time of the year so ditch the social media and head to the park or beach with the kids – pack a ball, Frisbee, cricket set or even a bucket and spade. Being active is not all about gym, weights or running.

Get your Boogie On
Michael Buble, Mariah Carey and Barry White, oh the list goes on! Pump up those Christmas carols and dance like no one’s watching. Get those arms above your head – not only do you look more awesome, but you increase the intensity of your dance moves.

Time Out and Sleep
Make sure you get plenty of it. Sleep repairs the body, puts you in a better mood, and reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes. A lack of it leads to a decrease in the immune systems and most likely a reason you will skip that workout – not what you need at this time of the year or while on holidays! Getting enough sleep helps maintain your weight; too much stress or lack of sleep means ‘leptin’ levels drop resulting in the craving for more high fat foods.

Exercise for Mental Health
Stressful times lead to anxiety, moods and well, feeling crap! The good news is Exercise is Medicine (among many others) say that “most people relate to feeling happier and more positive after a workout thanks to the natural release of endorphins when you exercise”.


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