6 Golden Rules for Sticking to your Workouts

Sep 30, 2015 | fitness, Motivation

Have you started an exercise program with the best of intentions only to lose motivation and quit? Why is it that some people can stick to their programs and some not? Are they freaks? Or maybe they live by the 6 golden rules of exercise. Follow these to ensure you stick to your workouts and take your body to an extraordinary level.

  1. Keep it interesting: Mix up your activities. Choose ones that you like that can increase in intensity as you improve.
  2. Make sure it’s convenient: Pick a time and a place that works for you. Read my other blog on the best time of day to exercise. Being close to home or work is best.
  3. Exercise with a buddy/trainer: They lift you up when you’re feeling flat and create that social outlet that makes exercise so much more enjoyable. Plus it adds healthy competition.
  4. Set realistic goals: And set short and medium goals, not just long term. Sometimes the best goals for working professionals are the number of sessions per week. Make this month’s goals to train 4 times per week for 4 weeks in a row.
  5. Keep track of your physical activity: Measure it, weigh it, log it, compare it. Performance measurements are more important than body composition results in the beginning. If the performance improves, the body will follow.
  6. Reward yourself: When you’ve achieved a goal, reward yourself! Sometimes the best reward is rest. Take a week off every 6-8 weeks (guilt free). Book yourself a massage, restaurant, splurge! And tell your loved ones about your achievement.



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