Dark Chocolate Can Help You Lose Weight

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Oh boy do I have some good news for you!! Watch my segment above and you will learn that a little dark chocolate can actually HELP you lose weight!

The catch:

  • Applys only to chocolate 70% dark or higher (ideally 80%)
  • 40g per day max which about four Lindt Choc squares (see video for an example, it’s actually quite a lot).
  • The rest of your diet has to be low calorie, and you need to exercise.

Tips for eating chocolate guilt free:

  • Follow the above three points!
  • Know your weakness: Is it a certain time of day (3pm/after dinner), or that once you crack open a block, you can’t stop.
  • Head off a disaster BEFORE it strikes: EG Don’t keep a block in the cupboard if you know you’ll eat the whole thing, buy a small serve on the way home.
  • Find healthy alternatives to your fav treats: EG if you love dessert (like me!), find a bunch of 150cal desserts that satisfy you, but don’t break the calorie bank. I love Chobani Yoghurt (high protein) with a some blueberries and a sprinkle of Brookfarm gluten free muesli. Or two squares Lindt dark chocolate dipped in herbal tea. Skinny cow icecream is another good treat choice.

Watch my video above for more on this fabulous news about chocolate!!

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