Science Proves Where All The Fat Goes After Weight Loss

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Ever wondered where the fat is going that you’re losing? Does it magically become invisible? Do fairies come at night and take it all away?

Australian science personality Ruben Meerman lost 33 pounds and wanted to know what happened to all that fat he lost, so he contacted Andrew Brown of the University of New South Wales for answers. And he got them.

So fat cells are made from excess carbohydrates and proteins that the body has no use for and therefore stores away. So all the excess nutrients that go in the body essentially become fat. When biologically you’re losing weight, you’re forcing these cells to metabolise or break down, creating byproducts of carbon dioxide, water and energy.

So to figure out how much of a fat molecule gets converted into water versus how much into carbon dioxide, Brown and his team followed the pathway every single atom as it left the body.

They found that water makes up just 16 percent of burned fat, meaning that 84 percent of the fat we lose is exhaled as carbon dioxide. That small percentage of water is extracted through our sweat, urine and other body fluids.

So for argument sake, if you were to lose around 22kg of fat, about 18.5kg would be carbon dioxide and the other 3.5kg would be water.

So in super simple words, you are breathing out the majority of your fat. Essentially, when you work out, what you’re really trying to do is suck the carbon out of your fat cells. The more you work your lungs, the more fat you lose, which is why cardiovascular activities like running are so beneficial.

So breathe in and out, people. BREATHE.

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