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Have you ever wondered, how does your fitness age stack up to your real age? Just because you blow a candle for turning a year older each year, doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily that many years old, fitness-wise.

There’s a new calculator created by researchers at the¬†Norwegian University of Science and Technology that determines your fitness age based on your respiratory health, heart rate, waist¬†circumference, exercise routine and intensity and more such factors.

It goes without saying that the lower your fitness age is to your real age, the better it is because that means you’re still pushing your body to train harder and better.

Take the test HERE and find our your fitness age.

P.S. My fitness age was of a 20-year old. Hurrah!

Tell me yours in the comments below.

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One response to “Calculate Your Fitness Age”

  1. Rachael Brooks says:

    I got 23(same as my age) but it’s not with an accurate resting heart rate reading so I guess that’s pretty useless really!

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