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Move over Jennifer Aniston. Are you ready to bare thosetoned arms and shoulders this summer?

We have, Christine Ray, Ms. Fitness Australia 2013, show you some awesome upper body exercises that will have you rocking that Little Black Dress or a bikini in no time.

See all the images below to correspond with the exercise.

Exercise: How To: Reps:
Diamond Push Up
Bicep Curls 

10 burpees


Recover 90s


3 times through

Hands under chest in a diamond shape. Knees or toes lower chest to hands.Palms facing forward, either side of thighs. Squeezing bicep lift Dumbbell (DB) to shoulder. Shoulders back and down   X 12X 12
Tricep Dips
Hammer Curl to Press



10 burpees


Recover 90s


3 times through

Hands either side thighs. Feet flat on ground or legs fully extended. Pushup through triceps. Bum stays close to bench. Palms face inwards. Bring DB to shoulder then press arms above the head, either side of ears 


 X 15 

X 12


Flies (cable or DB)
Medicine Ball Push UP



Shoulder Press




3 times through

Seated or standing. Shoulders back and down. Single arm or both – extend out laterally keeping shoulders down. Shoulder height only. PushUp position with one hand on med ball. PushUp on knees or toes then roll ball to other side and repeat. 

Palms facing forward, Move starts at shoulders, push up ensuring arms are fully extended.



 X 8 each side or 12 doublesX 8 each side




X 12 each side


If by chance you have any energy leftover – throw in a few assisted chin-ups to exhaust your upper body. Try as many as you can in 60 seconds, recover and try another two times!

Feel that BURN. Love the BURN.

For more information on Christine’s work as a sponsored athlete, visit her website.

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