Full Body Workout: No Equipment Needed

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We all complains of having no time, having no gym membership or getting bored at the gym. To counteract that, my resident personal trainer, Amanda Clout, has put together a 35 minute workout you can do anywhere.  

What you need: towel, water bottle, and timer

Warm Up (5 mins)

Slow jog or power walk, including butt kicks (heels to butt) and fast feet.

For the last 1min move into 2 push-ups, 2 squats and repeat.


You want to have everything set up so that you can transition quickly and easily to the next exercise. Set your timer to 60s per exercise.

Active recovery 1min full in plank.


Exercise Note
Circuit 1  
Step Up – Left Leg Tummy tight, Right knee drives to chest, squeeze butt and push through heel on step
Step Up – Right Leg Opposite side
Lunge Pendulum4 each leg Left Leg lunge forward same leg to back lunge 4 each side then swap for the full 50s
Box Jumps Use stairs, gutter or a solid object at least 60cm high, go higher for advanced
Cross Mountain Climbers Plank on hands and toes, knee to opposite elbow, rotate through the trunk, hips and bum stay down
Active Recovery Plank Knees or toes, on forearms, bum down and squeezed, eyes on hands
X 2 rounds
Circuit 2  
Push Ups On bench, knees or toes – choose your level
Towel High Pulls Arms start straight, body on 45° angle, pull chest towards towel, shoulders back and down, elbows in line with shoulders, squeeze shoulder blades together, 4:4 tempo
Tricep Dips Shoulders back and down, hands either side of thighs, looking forward
Burpees Chest to ground, jump in and up, hands clap overhead with feet off ground
45° Static sit up Shoulders back and down, relax through the neck, squeeze through the tummy
Active Recovery Plank Knees or toes, on forearms, bum down and squeezed, eyes on hands
X 2 rounds


Cool Down and Stretch (6 mins)

Light jog into a power walk. Stretches should include all the major muscle groups including glutes, hamstrings, chest , quads and back.

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