The Dark Chocolate Diet: Dos and Don’ts

Amelia Phillips

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What if I told you that you can eat about 40 grams of chocolate right now and not gain any weight? You would love me, right?

The chocolate diet is sweeping every dietician and nutritionists desk at the moment, making people like you and me very happy. The key, however, behind this chocolate diet is to choose the kind that will make you lose weight, and not gain, i.e. dark chocolate that has over 70% cacao and a big no to white chocolate. This is not just because over 70% cacao sounds fancy on the packaging of a chocolate bar, but it’s because this kind has less sugar and more of the good stuff.

There’s a full-blown scientific reasoning that shows the body releasing a hormone, post the consumption of cacao, that makes you feel like you’ve fallen in love. So the darker the chocolate you eat, the more your body will work towards curbing stress hormones and releasing the happy ones.

Here’ a task for you: try eating 40g of dark chocolate for the next eight weeks – not all in one sitting, but spread it out during the day – and see if you feel better, physically and mentally.

Watch my Mornings9 segment above to know more about this delicious diet.

What are your thoughts on the chocolate diet? What’s your favourite kind of chocolate? I’m obsessing over Green&Black’s 80% right now. 

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