Diet vs Exercise Ratio: is it still 80:20?

Amelia Phillips

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A new study from Stanford University of Medicine has challenged the age old formula of 80 per cent diet and 20 per cent exercise for fitness enthusiasts. This study is reiterating the importance of focusing on changing exercise and diet routines at the same time, in order to get a bigger boost in results and see changes in the body.

The study has also shown that it’s ideal if you make changes to both factors at the same time, and sometimes even more beneficial to start with improving the physical activity first.

I find this particularly important because a lot of people underestimate the importance of either of the two, sometimes even taking one of granted.

If they’re training five times a week, they’d ignore what they are putting in their body and vice versa. But as the saying goes, “You can’t overtrain a poor diet”. So no matter how many hours you sweat at a gym, nothing can justify chomping down an entire tub of icecream post-dinner.

The challenge really lies in doing a massive lifestyle overhaul. The way I see it, this isn’t a ‘diet’ option or a ‘boot camp’ session, it’s a lifestyle change that you’re choosing to make.

The trick is to put your shoes on and step outside the door. As simple as that. With this one move, you’re going to change the way your body looks and your mind feels.

Also, don’t overcomplicate things by extensive training charts and exercise routines. Keep it simple and straightforward.

My tried-and-tested weekly program looks like this:

2 x Pump Classes
2 x 45-60 minute runs or spin class
1 x Yoga or Pilates 

Follow only this and you’ll see changes in your body within a week.

If you’re an active trainer and feel like you’ve hit a plateau, then I’d suggest you ring a bell on both diet and exercise. For example, keep track of how many calories you’re consuming or ramp up the intensity of your training via length or level.

The tools and programs below will help you get started; where you take it from there is entirely up to you and your motivation.

12-Week Body Transformation
My Fitness Pal 
Meal Delivery Services, like Eat Fit Food, Light n’ Easy, Jenny Craig. 


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5 responses to “Diet vs Exercise Ratio: is it still 80:20?”

  1. Julio Yohe says:

    This is a very informative post. When I first started doing workouts, I thought I could do so much progress even though I’m not following strictly my diet program. As mentioned here in this article, I failed because I thought I can lose weight simply focusing in the workouts. Right now, I totally change my lifestyle. It’s really hard but it is very fulfilling.

  2. Joe says:

    Great articles, thanks for the information and keep up the good work.

  3. Doing a massive lifestyle overhaul seems impossible for me. I spend so much time working out but my diet practice is really bad. It’s true that we can’t out exercise a bad diet. Anyway, I will try your weekly program. I wish I will improve. Thanks for sharing! 😉

  4. Kuzz says:

    I’ve gone a life style change over the last 50 days, from virtually zero exercise and a massive intake of sugar and fat 2 Lt’s of cola/red bull a day – the only thing i have consumed in the last 50 days is at least 2 LT’s of water and 2/3 very small meals a day – 5 days a week exercise mainly 60 minute cardio session – great results so far 10 kilo down 20 to go 😀

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