Stacy Keibler’s Fitness Regimen

Amelia Phillips

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This woman has the best seat in the house by dating the hottest ‘salt and pepper’ of Hollywood, and her body sure complements her social status.

I’m talking about the woman about town, Stacy Keibler who has George Clooney in one arm and dumbbells in the other.

This former professional wrestler (would you believe!) has now become a red carpet favourite, especially during the award season, and is envied for more reasons than who she accompanies.

Those never-ending legs, toned arms and shoulders, flat stomach and a vivacious butt aren’t a overnight success, they need some serious hours at the gym. So what does her fitness regimen really involve?

Watch my segment from the Mornings9 show, where I discuss Stacy’s workout regimen with Sonia and David.

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One response to “Stacy Keibler’s Fitness Regimen”

  1. She is just too sexy! I’m not even wondering why my idol George Clooney fell for her.

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