Myths and Facts about Weight Loss

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Hands up, if you want all your health and fitness knowledge at the same time, same place, and in about 30 minutes?

Well, I thought so – hence I was privileged enough to do a radio interview with 90.5 Alive FM where I try to address (almost) every fitness and nutrition dilemma you might have.

The four-part iTunes podcast chat with Mary Bacon from Lifestyle Today is available for free download below.

Whether it’s organic food, best hour to train in the day or drinking wine four nights a week – download the podcasts on your iPods and hear me talk about all things fitness-related.

A Masterchef lifestyle

First off, we start discussing the lifestyle of one of my celebrity clients, who is most famous for his love for food. Seems ironic, because we are indeed talking about staying healthy and fit, so food-tasting at fancy restaurants, every evening, isn’t the ideal condition. But in this first podcast, I talk about how Matt Preston stays disciplined and sticks to his workout regimen.

Want to lose weight, run and sweat

Moving on to talk about training, if your goal is to lose weight. I religiously abide by the motto of training before breakfast, as you’d know if you’re part of my monthly Crack of Arse challenge. If shedding body weight or fat is your aim, then my rule is simple to follow – three high-calorie burning session (around 500-700 calories per session) and two muscle-strengthening workouts, a week.
I talk about this phenomenon of losing weight in detail in part two of this podcast, along with answering the age-old question of calories in drinks.
Also, if you want to know how French women drink wine every night and still stay lean, hear this podcast.

The Fat Debate

When you’re losing weight, the body doesn’t know the difference between good and bad fats, unfortunately. The butt, in particular, doesn’t understand the difference. Nasty fella! He likes to embrace every kind of fat that the body consumes.

So the question is how much avocado should you eat at one go? Is organic the way to go? And what are my thoughts on the gluten-free hype… I discuss it all in the third part of my podcast interview.
Extra tip:
The best possible bread you can have is, stone-ground, multigrain or sourdough. A way to test good quality bread is to put a small piece on your tongue and if it dissolves quickly, then the bread is bad for you. The more you need to chew the bread, the better it is for you.

Importance of Strength Training

The new revelation of micro training is taking the attention away from gym goers who just like to pump weights. Nothing wrong with that, but boxing classes and Crossfit sessions are adding more mobility and competitive spirit into fitness routines.
In this final segment, I talk about why I love strength work and how corporate workers can get the best out of their workouts.

Do you have any questions for me? Any burning fitness or health related question? Ask below…

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  1. Amelia,
    I just finished listening to your podcasts, what an awesome source of information. My favorite bit of advice is about bread, how quickly it disolves on your tongue is a simple easy test that everyone can understand.

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