The 5 Minute Rule!

Amelia Phillips

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Next time you are struggling to find the motivation to do a workout, try the 5-minute rule!

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18 responses to “The 5 Minute Rule!”

  1. Daryl M says:


    I had not heard of the “5 minute rule” but I agree with the idea and have done same in practice. A little warm up is all that is necessary

    Something I will do if I am feeling over trained is to change plan to a workout that will still give benefit.

    For example I may swap a planned weight session for a “Balance” class. The class environment tends to pull you through the routine and the stretching and movement aids recovery and posture.

    Then there are days like to day when I went in feeling down.
    I swapped my weight session for a boxing class which absolutely rocked.

    Daryl M

  2. Erika says:

    I love this rule, I have used the same thing, except I called it “just get out the door.” When I’m about to talk myself out of going for a run I just say, just get your shoes on and get out the door and I can always come back… yeah I always end up going, cause I’m out there anyway, right?

  3. Amelia Burton says:

    Haha Daryl, I love it! Sometimes we just need to lighten up and have a bit of fun with our workouts… boxing will often have that effect. Keep it up!

  4. Amelia Burton says:

    Hi Erika,
    “Just get out the door!” yes it’s a great alternative to the “5 min rule”. I love it!

    That old Nike saying works wonders as well…

  5. Miguel Wickert says:

    Nice video, great advice!

  6. Amelia Burton says:

    Thanks Miguel,
    More to come!

  7. pkay says:

    That is really good. Even as an instructor there are days when I just don’t feel like going, but I go so I don’t let down my peeps. You’re right after the warm-up I really start to get into it and end having a great workout. I love teaching Turbo Kick. You just have to get out the door. Like the others said. Love it.

  8. markFu says:

    Years ago when I lived in the upper midwest of the US, Milwaukee, to be specific, I was an avid runner but after working all day in the snow and cold, especially the way below freezing cold, I used what I called The Rule of Ten, which stated that if this isn’t a scheduled day off, I would get out there an run for ten minutes and all 10 ended up going further away from home. Then, if I really wasn’t up to it, I could turn around and backcome b home. Even then, I had a 20 minute run, but I rarely had to invoke the Rule. I did the same thing as a long distance speedskater. Worked great!

  9. MarkFu says:

    A follow-up to what I just commented on: the less you think about doing your training when you don’t want to, the better. I developed a routine that when I came home from work I put on a cassette that had some of my favorite music on. I would change to w/out clothes, stretch and move around a bit and really kept my mind fairly blank, which was preferable to garbage self-talk that would rationalize away my workout. By the time my “motivating songs” played, I was fired up, and out the door I went. That routine was key for me.

  10. Amelia Burton says:

    Hi Pkay,

    I’m sure it’s refreshing for others to hear that even instructors get de-motivated! But what separates the winners is the self talk, such as the 5 minute rule, that gets them out the door!

  11. Amelia Burton says:

    Awesome advice Mark,
    I love the cassette story… makes me think of a scene out of foot Loose! I am also intrigued to know there is a sport called long distance speed skating… is that done on one really long frozen river? Don’t tell me you skate around in circles for hours… I’m dizzy thinking about it!

  12. Addiction Treatment says:

    i think this rule is really effective.nice video too…

  13. Anonymous says:

    if you replace “workout” with sexy-time. dot dot dot …

    but seriously Amelia.. definition is the best gym in the world. and without you guys.. i would not be getting any “work outs” whatsoever


  14. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou Amelia, always a pleasure to see your posotive smiley face- and always so inspiring!! Looking forward to having a great 5 minute plus 6 hrs per day on the ski slopes this year- great way to get fit!!

  15. Amelia Burton says:

    Thanks Troy,

    It’s not ‘that’ kind of a website cheeky!!!!

  16. Glad I just found your wordpress blog through Google.

    Found just what I was looking for, thanks =)

    Btw, wat plugins are you using??

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  18. Cool tip Amelia, I like it. Big thing is you’ve gotta listen to your body and not just make it as an I can’t be bothered day.

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