Can You Reprogram Your Sweet Tooth?

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If you are a sweet food addict, well don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact we are all born with the genetic programming for sweet things, it’s just that some of us get trained out of it, and some us don’t (such as yours truly!).

Paula Goodyer, a food writer for SMH, has written an article outlining the factors that influence the severity of our sweet food cravings, and yes it’s another thing you can blame your parents for! She explains that the more we were exposed to sweet foods as a child, the more likely we are to prefer them. However exposing children to a wide variety of tasting foods reduces their chances of being a sugar fiend. She urges parents not to give up on offering many types of foods, even if they were rejected.

The same approach applies for adults. To curb that sweet tooth we must keep exposing ourselves to a variety of minimally processed foods. We must avoid eating too much of one thing. But then the plot thickens. If you are trying to lose weight, and you deny yourself completely all these sweet foods, then your body can switch on what Goodyer calls “craving chemicals” which makes us want even more sweet things. What a trap! But then the more sweet things you eat, the stronger these craving chemicals become when you deny your body sugar. Behold the birth of binging!

Please, if you are hungry and have a sweet craving, eat something savory that is more complex like salad, meat, fish and wait 10minutes after you have finished then satisfy your sweet tooth. You might find a cup of tea does the trick, or a little mint. Slowly over time, these cravings will reduce until the only thing you think of after a meal is the copious amounts of alcohol you just consumed.

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